In the field of dried fruits, KIRICI brand has 50 years experience, combining the dynamism of the young and the experince of the old generation to meet the needs of clients throughout the word. We have been handling dried fruits as a grower, packer and wordwide exporter. Now our name KIRICI has become the name of top quality and service.

Our production facilities for dried fruits are in total 45000 square meters covered area. Our yearly capacity is 20000 tons of apricots and 7000 tons of figs. Our brand names are “KIRICI” and “ÖZKIRICI” Three of our plants are located in Malatya where we mainly pack apricots and apricots kernels.The fourth one is located in Aydin – incirliova where we mainly pack dried figs and apricots in consumer packages. We also present to the market, the taste of natural and organic variety of apricots and figs. In all phases of purchasing, production and distribution, KIRICI gives top priority to quality issue, thus the products reach customers at the highest standards. With this aim, every year we make new investments. We are always open to your new inquries ondried whole pitted, halves, natural, organic, diced, diced organic apricots, apricots kernels and dried figs, so remember to call us directly if you are looking for the best.


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